Audio Visualizer Collaboration with dotMPEG

"Enter The Void is an event that happens every year featuring many underground artists, musicians, labels, influencers and more. The first event was a 83+ hour consecutive internet live show hosted on October 30 - November 2nd 2020 and another one on October 28th 2022 that lasted 118 hours."

- Mthrbord

´╗┐For my partcipation in this event, I was given an original set by electronic artist dotMPEG and 48 hrs to come up with audio reactive visuals for the event. The result is a combonation of analog video mixer feedback, Resolume, and my webcam capturing the take off my CRT TV while I jammed to the music in real time. This was my first foray into a collabrative audio visual event and was done under extremely time sensitive circumstances. All in all, I cannot wait for ETV 2023 and beyond.